We are on a mission to create, cultivate, and share inspiring art.

Great art should have both meaning and purpose. We hope to give you a little push, a reminder of who you are, what your big goals are, and what it takes to get there. Whether you’re chasing your dreams on a field, in the gym, or in the home office at night… your mindset matters and your surroundings matter.  Remember who you are, and what you’re working towards... we’re here for that.

Oroar grew out of the Inoak studio in Oakland, CA.

Co-Founder Angus Bernstein leads Oroar's data analytics and revenue optimization along with all website development. Oroar uses a data driven strategy for both art acquisitions and product development as well as online and offline ad optimization. Angus is an honor student-athlete at Hingham High School and when he's not training for football he can be found online gaming.

Co-Founder Molly Bernstein leads Oroar’s digital design, social media, and business development. Her passion for digital art, travel, photography, and fashion was the spark that helped ignite the Oroar fire. Molly is an honors student and collegiate volleyball and track athlete.

If you want to get in touch with us just drop us a note here, and we'll try to connect.